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Automatic Bell Timer


  • User Friendly Programming .

  • Easy to install.

  • Manual Bell for Emergencies.

  • Weekly programmable Setpoints.

  • 4 operating modes.

  • Regular, Exam, Test, Special.

  • Programmable Holidays - 30.

  • Programmable Bell On time. (1-99 sec)

  • Bell Off time, Repeats. (1-99)

Technical Specifications :

Display :16x2 characters, alphanumeric lcd.

Programming :5 x 1 Tactile keypad

Time Base :Accurate & Stable TCXO for RTC chip.

Memory Backup :Li Cell CR2032 for RTC.

Relay Outputs :Relay, 230 VAC/30A, resistive load.

Sound Output :Analog output for Ext PA System.

Alarm Capacity :Regular-60, Exam-30, Special-30

Input :230 VAC, 50Hz.

Enclosure :Metal, Wall Mounting

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